Potash Hill

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This year marked a bumper crop of faculty babies, including Lars Marion Lyndgaard (left), born to writing professor Kyhl Lyndgaard and his wife, Marian, on February 15, and Henry Brett Hobbie (right), born to biology professor Jaime Tanner and her husband, Than, on December 19. Not pictured are Molly Rose Ollis, born on August 7 (to math professor Matt Ollis and his wife, Gemma); Elana Oralee Wickenden, born on September 14 (to history professor Adam Franklin-Lyon and his wife, Maggie); and Raziq Lyle Latif, born on October 18 (to religion professor Amer Latif and his wife, Ruby). Must be something in the food. 


Where and when else can you do winter, spring and summer sports at the same time? In March, writing professor Kyhl Lyndgaard, Willson Gaul ’10, health services director Max Foldeak, outdoor program director Randy Knaggs ’94 and his partner, Deb Dorsett, participated in the first annual Berkshire Highlands Pentathlon, an event benefitting local land preservation and education. Their team came in sixth (out of 56 teams) in the five events: a 10-kilometer trail run, 23 miles of road biking, five miles of kayaking, a mile climb to the top of a mountain and a downhill ski to the finish.






The library’s first-ever letter-writing social brought a flurry of clackity-clacking activity to the reading room in February. Students accustomed to texting on smart phones waxed nostalgic while typing on machines with names like Remington, Smith Corona and Olympia. The fresh baked goodies, tea and “soda pop” bottled in antique 7-ounce bottles rounded out the experience, sure to be repeated in future years.




The town of Marlboro was in the throes  of Northern Borders  fever this spring, as the Movies from Marlboro hands-on film intensive (Potash Hill , Summer 2011) staged scenes in locations ranging from the Whetstone Inn to Mark and Megan Littlehales’ chicken coop. Despite technical difficulties including no snow, no cluster flies and not enough hours in a day, students and professionals in the program shot footage for the full-length movie and gained practical experience not available in the classroom. Learn more at www.northernbordersfilm.com. Photo by Willow O’Feral ’07


Despite the lack of snow, the cross-country ski team was an enthusiastic group this year. Several members participated in the Winter Break trip to St. Anne, Quebec, for a glimpse of what snow should look like, and another group returned to Morin Heights, Quebec, for Spring Break. Although the annual Wendell-Judd cup had to be postponed, and then cancelled on account of rain, the day before the scheduled event offered the best conditions of the winter, and a few members of the team had a spirited race of their own. Photo by Pearse Pinch









In April and May, the Marlboro community was treated to a plethora of plays by Marlboro seniors Logan Smith, Grace Leathrum, Mercedes Lake, Katherine Trahan and Samantha Hohl. From Grace’s Reedy Point, a fantastical journey full of intense visuals and multimedia displays, to Logan’s three short, compelling plays, called “Short Walks Down the Only Road There Is,” their work demonstrated the depth and range of student achievement in Marlboro’s theater program. Photo by Joanna Moyer-Battick






Everybody got up to dance
when Negrura Peruana played at Ragle Hall in February. The concert was a celebration of the music and dance of Peru’s African population, a unique tradition that includes percussion instruments such as the cajón (wooden box drum), the quijada de burro (jaw of horse), the campana (cowbell), bongos and guitars. This year’s events also included a flamenco concert and a Latin American film festival, complementing the Spanish language curriculum on campus. Photo by Alek Jaunzemis