Potash Hill


1 In December, the San Francisco women’s vocal ensemble Kitka performed a free concert at the Latchis Theater, the first in an arts series presented by Marlboro College and Kingdom County Productions. 2 At the Medieval Festival in September, students burned off steam with bygone amusements like caber tossing, log whack, rat pucking, circle dancing, and assailing each other with swords. 3 Bassist Wes Brown appeared with Bob Weiner and music professor Matan Rubinstein in October, performing selections from Matan’s “Sada” project. 4 In October, students presented a screening of Damnation, the award-winning documentary about river restoration in the U.S. 5 In December, students shared their inspiring works-in-progress as part of the Winter Arts Festival, which included visual arts, writing, theater, music, and dance. 6 In September, Boston University writing teacher Holly Connell Schaaf shared her insights on animals in a lecture titled “Caring About Beings with Non-Human Cares.” 7 Senior Olivia Schaaf presented a rollicking adaptation of Happy End, the classic comedy musical by Bertolt Brecht, as part of her Plan of Concentration