Up Front

Keeping it Experiential

“During the semester when readings and papers pile up, it’s easy to take for granted the ‘mundane’ things—a hot cup of coffee, clean dishes, good winter boots, easily moving five miles down the road—but these seemingly little things keep us alive, get us moving, and give our brains the needed time to process and rest. 

“The hands-on, experiential learning of expedition trips is an essential counterpart to classroom work. I’ve had more epiphanies driving a stretch of highway in South Dakota than I ever did in the process of writing a paper for class. When these trips are in their element, whether the Rocky Mountains or the Green Mountains, they provide the perfect environment for the ‘aha’ moments and fuel for better learning.” 

— Nikolas Katrick ’07, MSM ’16, Outdoor Program Director 

Panoramic photo of the Outdoor Program building and surroundings by Mark Roessler ’90, part of his series of “panorambles” around Marlboro’s storied campus. Take a virtual tour (and admire our stately elm tree, now sadly missing) at panorambles.com/tours/marlboro