1 In October, Chicago-based dance theater group Lucky Plush performed The Queue, which takes place in a fictional airport where travelers stumble into each other’s private lives. 2 In November, Emerson College professor Yasser Munif investigated root causes of the Syrian refugee crisis. 3 Multi-instrumentalist Marty Ehrlich was joined by Marlboro faculty member Matan Rubinstien for a concert of original and improvised music in November. 4 In December, Dances in the Rough included Orchard, a work-in-progress stemming from research and interviews at Green Mountain Orchard in Putney, Vermont. 5 Sophomores Erin Huang-Schaffer and Amelia Fanelli explore the wonders of Esperanto in The Language Archive, directed by theater professor Jean O’Hara. 6 A butterfly by senior Megan Stypulkoski was one of countless works of art exhibited during open studios in December. 7 Junior John Marinelli and sophomore Allison Power strike a pose at the annual Hogwarts Dinner in October.