Potash Hill


1 In October, acclaimed Syrian essayist, short story writer, and musician Osama Alomar presented a reading and discussion and signed books. 2 In November, Marlboro alumna Willow O’Feral ’07 presented her documentary Break the Silence, which explores the personal, sexual, and reproductive health histories of diverse women from southern Vermont, followed by a panel discussion featuring women from the film. 3 In December, renowned cellist and artist-in-residence Jake Charkey presented a concert of Western and Indian classical music, part of the Music for a Sunday Afternoon series. 4 In a Drury Gallery exhibit titled Surface Tension: Three Landscapes of Division, visiting photographer Terri Warpinski presented images focusing on three border zones—the Israel-Palestine separation, the US-Mexico border, and the former Berlin wall. 5 Syria’s Disappeared: The Case Against Assad, a gripping documentary about the tens of thousands of Syrians held in clandestine detention centers, was the subject of a November screening and discussion. 6 Renowned scholar David Hinton presented a talk and poetry workshop in November exploring how Ch’an (Zen) Buddhism shaped spiritual practice and the arts in ancient China. 7 Dances in the Rough in November included new dance works from visiting faculty member Sara Lass and student choreographers.