Potash Hill

Up Front

Thresholds of Geography 

“In political work, there is an accumulation of experiences and care that is sometimes hidden by the overbearing power of the state, and the active erasure of everyday forms of resistance. I am trying to bring to light not only the labor of full-on protest, but also the nuanced conglomeration of ideological resistances that set the foreground for future political action. I want the labor of resistance to be recognized as ever-evolving and always moving toward the progression of political change.” 

Izzy Yandell ’19 (pictured, top left), from the artist’s statement for her May show titled “Space Through Time: Interaction, Residue, and Liminality,” part of her Plan in history and anthropology exploring urban planning in post-Soviet Transcaucasia. As part of her Plan, she invited a group of students to make collages depicting their image of urban public spaces and what makes them accessible or limits their use, highlighting innovative ways public spaces could be shaped by public voices. See more examples from Plans in the new virtual Plan Room

Photo by Clayton Clemetson ’19