Potash Hill


1 As part of the Earth Week festivities in April, local filmmakers Alan Dater and Lisa Merton shared Burned, their award-winning documentary on the accelerating destruction of forests to provide for a burgeoning biomass electric power industry. 2 In March, visiting artist Gourab Ghosh from Jawaharlal Nehru University, India, presented a monologue as part of “Staging Desire in Bengali Jatra: Actor, Queen, and the Self,” followed by a panel discussion on drag traditions. 3 Joel Rosenthal, president of Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, presented a talk titled “Ethics for a Connected World” in April, part of a series hosted by the presidential seminar course on Engaging the World. 4 Adeel Sultan ’20 and Clayton Sanborn ’22 face off during a performance of Harold Pinter’s The Collection, directed and edited by John Marinelli ’20 as part of an evening of one-act plays titled “The Space Between Us.” 5 Folklore Dominicano Ensemble, a New York-based dance company dedicated to preserving, creating, and presenting dance and music traditions that reflect and celebrate Dominican culture, gave a demonstration and workshop in March. 6 In January, the community enjoyed a performance by Scotti Clifford & Spirit Cries, a Native American rock trio formed in the Badlands of South Dakota and sonically rooted in blues and indie rock inspired by their Oglala Lakota ancestry. 7 In February, curators Caitlin Macbride (pictured) and Lauren Faigle transformed Drury Gallery into an inviting reading room for their traveling library of more than 150 artists’ books titled “Daddy’s Books.”