Potash Hill

Student Art

First page, clockwise from top left> “By using 19th-century processes, expired materials, rough paper, or multiple mediums, I create images that lack control and have outside forces affecting the end result,” says Bo Brout ’18, who exhibited ceramics and mixed media in his Plan show. | International student Dominique Drees and Erin Huang-Shaeffer ’18 performed in Erin’s production of Eurydice, Sarah Ruhl’s feminist adaptation of the Greek tragedy whose heroine dies twice. | As part of his Plan in visual arts and writing titled “Drawing from life: Possibilities in cartooning,” Griff Jurchack ’18 created a three-dimensional exhibit titled Simpleton to allow visitors a glimpse inside a cartoonist’s head. | As part of his Plan in ceramics and Asian studies, Salvatore Annunziato ’18 had an exhibit of ceramic forms influenced by the aesthetic of Japanese folk wares.

Second page, clockwise from top left> “Do you ever feel like you’re remembering someone else’s memory?” asks Cait Mazzarella ’18 in the artist’s statement for her exhibit of mixed media titled What’s Left?, part of her Plan in politics and visual arts. | Senior Jackie King exhibited paintings, line drawings, and etchings in support of her Plan titled “Inalienable weight of care: Aesthetics, anxiety, and the feminine.” | Joshua Rudas ’18 presented an exhibit of paintings and drawings to compliment his written analysis of the heroic and the triumphs of ritualized practice. | Lysha Smith ’18 performed Witness to Change, a live audio-visual show that featured new electronic music compositions, sound art pieces, and improvisation to facilitate awareness of the present moment. | Saron Zewdie ’18 and Menefese Kudumu-Clavell ’19 performed in Saron’s production of Wine in the Wilderness, the Alice Childers play exploring black womanhood during a 1964 race riot in Harlem.