Potash Hill


1 Acclaimed pianist Jonathan Biss played a program of Beethoven, part of a series of concerts to honor the memory of beloved music professor Luis Batlle. 2 In October, Yawanawá tribe members from the remote Amazon forest sang ancestral songs and shared their rich culture in a presentation called “Journey to Mutum.” 3 In September, world-renowned eco-philosopher Joanna Macy gave a talk titled “Teaching at the Edge of Time” at Brattleboro’s Congregational Church. Photo by Joan Beard 4 Students, faculty, and staff all participated in “Dances in the Rough,” the annual fall concert of student choreography and dance performance, in Serkin Dance Studio. 5 In September, visiting choreographer Joshua Monten presented Kill Your Darlings, exploring body percussion, partnering, and making a big mess, outside the dining hall. 6 Two independent filmmakers from Ecuador screened Encounters with Cinema, a work about their intensive program for youth to learn both film production and local oral tradition. 7 In November, theater professor Jean O’Hara and a merry band of students presented Marlboro College and the Holy Grail, a timeless adaptation of the Monty Python film.