Potash Hill

Partner Colleges Come to Campus

President Kevin describes Marlboro’s model of shared governance to representatives from partner colleges during the CIEL annual meeting. In October, Marlboro College co-hosted the annual meeting for the Consortium for Innovative Environments in Learning (CIEL), a working group of 12 institutions founded on innovative and student-centered practices in higher education. A group of more than 30 colleagues from partner colleges across the country convened at Marlboro to meet with President Kevin and discuss shared governance and community engagement on campus.

“All of our CIEL partners excel in different ways to produce life-long learners and engaged citizens, but Marlboro has a unique history of leadership in the area of shared governance,” said Richard Glejzer, dean of faculty. “Together we discussed curricular initiatives and decision-making models that prepare students for a lifetime of community engagement, service, and stewardship.”

“In class, I might be Solomon’s boss, but on select board, he’s my boss,” said mathematics professor and select board member Matt Ollis, referring to head selectperson Solomon Botwick-Ries. “Except for the fact that neither is an especially boss-like relationship.” The session was followed by a reception and dinner in the campus center, where participants discussed new developments at partner institutions Green Mountain College and University of Maine at Farmington.

The CIEL meeting was cohosted by Bennington College, which offered workshops on intellectual mentorship and experiential learning. Bennington President Mariko Silver hosted a lunch discussion about equity and inclusion and the impact of recent events on aspects of civility and community on campus.